Oytun Ersan is an electric bass and upright bass player, composer and instructor.

Oytun Ersan is a very gifted bass player from Cyprus who demonstrates soulful grooves and melodies on his latest record.
— Joe Hubbard
Oytun Ersan’s music deserves to be heard around the globe. Not only is he an exceptionally gifted and exciting composer, but he is the best kind of bass player: he is a virtuoso of the highest order, but you rarely notice because he grooves so hard!
— Prof. Rex Richardson

Oytun ersan project's fırst album ''east meets west'' ıs now avaılable for download

“Rush” powers along like a heavy Breckers’ jazz funk fusion overload!
— All About Jazz

Oytun Ersan was on stage with ''Symphony of Awakening'' by Aysun Kahraman  as part of the International Famagusta Art & Culture Festival on the 22nd of June, 2015


Oytun Ersan Project was on stage as part of the International Bellapais Music Festival on the 11th of June, 2015.


                Oytun Ersan was interviewed by Bass Guitar Magazine.

                               Check out the February Issue #113!